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Get A Grip On Matrix

An exciting new resource that gives plenty of early maths practice. Children, using challenging activity cards, attach pegs of one or two colors on to a baseboard, developing logical thinking and problem solving skills.

REF : IL 1114

Peg Domino

Every time you play it’s a new challenge. This game is a perfect way to improve the ability to arrange visual stimuli in a sequence, plan and anticipate moves, identify and match colors, and develop fine motor skills.

REF : IL 1000

Tricky Forest

This unique game where children must build up the trees while keeping them in balance, combines the fine motor control and develops skills like color recognition and logical thinking. It is also a rich workshop for teaching patterns and counting, both individually or in groups.

REF : IL1118


The players choose a card and insert it on their boards. 6 mini-pegs are placed. Each player in turn has to discover where the competitor's pegs are located. In order to train tables interpretation, a cell is described as a combination of a row and a column. Clips are provided to mark where cells have been checked.

REF : IL1020

Pegs & Flags

Each player has a wooden stick and needs to place the pegs according to the card choose. With the 3D environment provided by this game, the player will have many possibilities to position the pegs. Increasing levels of difficulty will enable the player to sharpen his space identification skills and colors matching.
REF : IL1023

Peg Series

Each player receives a card that he has to reproduce. Exercises are set with variable difficulties and can be done using one or both sides of the cards. The game will develop players’ visual-motor coordination.

REF : IL1025

Get A Grip On Patterns

Perfect for patterning : This unique learning aid is designed to develop and strengthen the child’s visual perception skills, visual-motor coordination, fine motor control and the grip needed for drawing and writing.

REF : IL 1112

Tricky Tree

TrickyTree is a construction game that helps children get acquainted with the concept of balance. It also helps to improve the fine motor control.

REF : IL1117


Patterns - Class Set

A class version of the Get a Grip on Patterns, ideal for pattern practice. Contains much more material that can be used for teaching aid.

REF : IL 1110


My First Laundry

Mini-pegs are distributed among the players. In turn, they draw a card and check for a matching mini-peg with the same colors. An agreed rule states how they hang the clothes: a common color, the same shape, one of each...

REF : IL1021

Get A Grip On Logix

In this game children alone or in groups, must complete the base boards with the colored pegs. Many possibilities are offered to develop skills like cooperative building, color matching, series completions, counting and even a solitaire game. The colored dice bring a random dimension for exciting while learning matches.

REF : IL1119

Magic Tree

Each player in turn has to observe the colors on the tree and places a mini-peg on it while keeping it balanced. The branch must have at least one matching color with the added mini-peg. Jokers and dice provide suspense and exciting games.

REF : IL1022

Loops &  Pegs

Cards and strips are distributed to the players who have, in turn, to choose between making a loop or linking a loop to the central representation. A loop is made by matching the color of the strip with one of the two half peg colors. Loops are then linked thanks to the other half peg color that has to be of the same as the strip in the representation.

REF : IL1024



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